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Christmas Decor up on the streets already.  Not really much to look at .. if you asked me.. but what can I say right..?? afterall, this town is all about themselves.


TV For Sale

JOY..!!  bought for like $3000 and only selling for $1000.  See lah.. that man..!!



Cars..!! is this an office building..?? where ppl worked..?? why is there so many cars..??  if you guessed that it is an office building .. then you are wrong.. !!!  this cars belongs to high school kids..!!  yup..! it’s different .. in the West.. !! i told yer..! if you want to send you children to the states or Canada.. to study.. you better think again.


Lich King

Well .. the much awaited game for War Of Warcraft was in our store today.. but we are not allowed to sell it.  They had made us sign so many forms.. it would almost seems like they were made of diamonds..!  Lets see if there is a line up at our store.. tomorrow.  I won’t be too surprised if there is.



This is the YMCA in this town.  I know a lot of ppl do go there.. but it is darn expensive even just to go for a swim.  No wonder i wasn’t too, too keen in swimming.  A few hundred bucks to be a member .. i think it is like $600 .. but there are subsidies i think by the government.. for those low income family.  This town and this country is weird.. ! while we pay an arm and a leg for everything.. those who don’t work.. donch need to pay for anything.  Where got meaning.


First Sign Of Christmas

Yes..! first sign of Christmas already.  Not all the malls are deck up yet.. but SuperStore was today.  Nothing really much to shout about .. but you can feel the Christmas rush coming already.  I’m really hoping that this Christmas.. i can get my act together if you know what i mean.  With the kid’s birthday round the corner.. and then the store’s rush.. and our own rush.. it’s not really the best time for buying decent gifts for anyone.


Simple Joy

Simple joy is moments like this.. eating sambal scallops.. and a taste of home.  Thanks to my blogging buddy Barb… who in many ways .. had made my life a bit more joyful.. while I am in Canada.  The food turned out really good.. and i had some left today for lunch.  I am keeping some more for tomorrow.. hopefully it last a little longer.


Best Buy

Saw this at the mall .. the other day.. but it wasn’t the right size for my kid.  But i bought it anyways.. one because it was so pretty.. and secondly.. the kid wanted to get a present for her buddy in Malaysia.  So we sent it out today.. and hopefully her buddy from Malaysia can get to wear it.. and show her .. how pretty she is in it.  It’s amusing to see my kid .. being not selfish at all.. and wants to send the dress .. to another friend of hers.

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My Grandmother Would Roll In Her Grave

If she saw what i was doing to cook food.. or any kinda food for that matter.  But practicality is necessary .. when you have to watch for your jobs online… and have a kid to look after.  For me.. i think it is a smart invention .. and the chinese has too much rules and regulation .. and superstition.


Blue Rhino

A blue rhino in my kid’s school.. and i’m not really seeing a lot of use outta it.  I wished they would put some more swings and slides on the playground instead. I bet they would have gotten more use than this blue Rhino.  Given it is pretty and all.. but not exactly a play thing .. for the kids right.


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