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Darn weather.. and it was only 9 am.. and it’s all over the grounds.  And it’s only the beginning . .of winter.. it’s not bad till February. .and then it never seems to wanna go away .. EVER..!! DARN CANADA..!!!



While her daddy bought me a real ring, this is the jewel my kid gave me.  So cute and so innocent.  Please don’t grow up too quite .. pixie-face.


Coin Purse

A cute lil’ coin purse that i saw in the local pharmacy.. that was going at 75% discount.  I figured you can’t go wrong with a buck eh.  But that also taught me a lesson.. that is never to rush to get something .. for something else will turn up just as good if not better.. for a lot less price.  I would have paid close to $20 on Etsy for something like that.. but i’m glad i didn’t .. and found this treasure locally. The deal was so good .. i went back the next day.. and bought the kid another one.. but with different picture on it.   Now if only i could have learned this .. in relationships.. i wouldn’t have wasted time.. with others.

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My Colorful Pancake

My kid’s version of pancake.. that she made for me.. and insisted that i eat it.  I’ll have to say .. she is definitely imaginative .. and creative.  And she was so zealous.. and even when i told her i was quite full from eating “real dinner” .. she said..  “it’s only tending” as in pretending.  Muahahaha!!!  persistent she was.


So Good, So Fresh & So Cheap

Who say you can’t have it good and cheap..?? these croissants were a buck, frozen and baked fresh in our oven and eating with real butter.  Heavens..!!  And what more..?? i didn’t even have to roll them. .the man did it.



Told you i had to replace some shingles on the roof.  The damn developer didn’t do a good job. .and whoever put the house together didn’t do a good job.  Slackers ..!!!  and now we don’t know how much this is gonna cost us.  Oh well..!! can’t have everything good eh.


Small Pleasures

We don’t usually get real butter and in fact haven’t had it for a long time.. more than a few years.  But the man fancies it once in a while.. .so we are enjoying our real butter.  But having said that.. butter or margarine is no biggie to me.. i’ll make do even if i donch have it.  Unlike my food for home.. i probaby will kill for it..?? hahaha!! joking.


First Ring

First ring I let the man buy for me here in Canada.  I guess you can say he is lucky we are not in Asia.. else he “pok kai” .. since i love the jewelries back home.   It isn’t an expensive ring.. but i like the design. .and it wasn’t a bad deal either.. so i got the man to pay for it.


Books Now and Then

Before having my kid.. i buy books because i like the author.  After having my kid, I buy books because firstly, they gotta be cheap and secondly a chick flick or a parenting book.  What a change in my life…. and what a child can do to the parents.  I’m sure i speak for all mothers in the world… except the 1% like my mum.


Food Gift

After that storm that snowed us in.. we went back to work.. to collect some stuff at the post office.. from last week.  We didn’t get to collect it.. because the weather was just too bad.  What an awesome surprised to receive a package of food gift all the way from Australia and from a blogging friend.  These bloggers are so wonderful.. and selfless.. they are so kind hearted and generous.   I have to send something back to her .. but what can i get her..??  something for her two gals.. i think.


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