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Cheeky lil’ brat..!  wouldn’t let me take a proper picture of her. .on my lappie watch mickey mouse on youtube.  But still cute .. and not totally woken up yet.  Taken in the morning at about 11am.  It’s sunday morning here.


Canadian Enough..?

Yes.. ! they sometimes do make this kind of cookies in our local grocery store.  No special occasion that i an think of.. but since maple leaves and syrup does represent Canada.. you kinda feel a wee bit patriotic.

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Pink Enough

Pink enough for yer..??  yes.. only a 18 yrs old would dare go this color.  Yer know i wished i was this daring too.. when i was 18.  Unfortunately, coming from such a conservative family and society .. this was unheard of.  Had i dyed my hair this color.. my mum would prolly disowned me. muahahhaah!!



Pretty eh..?? sure is..! if only i have a house so near the beach .. that would be wondeful or what..! When i first came to Canada.. i had wanted to buy a house in Pembroke but the house that i wanted.. belonged to an American… who didn’t need the money .. so he won’t sell. Anyhow.. as life would have it, i didn’t buy a that house by the beach.. and each time.. i see one.. i cannot helped but wonder if i had stayed for another few more years in Asia.. would life be different..?? But i know that if it would changed having my kid.. then i won’t ever want that. My kid is my life. Not this pretty scenery nor any kinda materialistic thing could compare to her. She is priceless.


Gas Prices

We all  hate it right  now..!  everytime we need to put gas in our small little car.. it still cost us a fortune…!  what about yours. in your world.. at the other end.. ???  are you swearing at the government. .and the oil ppl..??  Why do ppl need an arm and a leg to gas up our car..??  what ridiculous equation is it..?


Treat In A Bag

Yes..! a treat in the bag for my daughter .. from my mother in law.  There was a bag of chips in it.. but the man took it and snack on it.  After the daughter left for home .. with the babysitter… i took a peek at what’s in it.  Couldn’t do it earlier.. else she was gonna be asking for it.



Beyond the horizon.. where the earth meets heaven. Is there really angels over there..?? or some mermaid..?? Are there really fairies in those clouds..?? Is my grandmother up there..?? i used to think that my grandmother was in those clouds overlooking me .. as i grow up. I used to pray to my grammie this way…begging her for things.. like letting me do well in my exams. It’s a bitch studying in asia.. ! rat race starts as soon as you were born.



About time..!! why would someone let their dog run crazy in the beach right..?? Or worst pooped in the beach. Yes.. !! even white people can be ignorant.. and stupid.. and they donch know what public courtesy is. Some even let their dogs poop in front of our store.. and walk away. For dog owners like that.. they ought to be whipped..!! not the dog.


A Compass By The WaterFront

I wonder what the compass was used for..?? since it was on the ground.. and not really meant for anything..??  As you can see some of the letters are missing.. and i donch even know if it was pointing right.  But this is yarmouth for you .. !  the ppl here.. donch need a real reason for doing the things they do eh.



An overly friendly dog.. that was in our store today.. with its owner.. who was very apologetic that furry dog was jumping all over the man.. while he was trying to serve its owner. And the kid screaming from the back of the store.. because of the overly friendly doggie.  But what a beautiful dog eh.


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